Burres shows interest in Raiders

Plaxico Burres has talked about 2 or 3 teams he would like to join, including the Browns, Eagles or a 2nd stint with the Steelers. He hasnt gotten any interest back though. The latest team he mentioned was the Raiders.

Burress specifically talked about liking what Carson Palmer brings to the table, with a big arm.

I've always thought that Carson Palmer has been one of the best deep-ball throwers in all of football since I can remember.

Now this was not a direct ''I want to join the Raiders'' statement, but it does hint it. At least it isnt as absurd as the people thinking TO has interest in signing with us just by working out with some players. I wouldnt mind Burress on the team, but I wouldnt mind if we didnt sign him either. Anyway, the Raiders havent shown any kind of interst in Burress so right now it is all speculation. It is nice though to have players liking the Raiders and wanting to join them.