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Q&A with Raiders UDFA Lucas Nix

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Raiders undrafted free agent offensive lineman Lucas Nix took questions after the second day of rookie mini camps.

Q: You were projected a mid-round draft pick or better but had knee injury as senior . . . did Raiders get themselves a bargain?

Nix: We'll see as it goes along.

Q: First overall impressions of practice?

Nix: The terminology and how much they overload you with the first couple of days. It's almost like at test within itself to just make sure you don't mentally crack and give up. Just getting out here and getting after it, it's nice to get back into football.

Q: Do you really get after it in these practices?

Nix: I mean, once you get on the football field you've got to have that mentality of getting after it a little bit.

Q: You did some complex stuff at Pitt. Is what the Raiders deploy really that different?

Nix: Scheme-wise, it's all very similar. Like I said the terminology and verbiage of what you're going to say, that's the adjustment you have to make. You're putting your terms and translating it into their language.

Q: The Raiders are switch to zone blocking here, which you did couple of years ago. There's a premium on moving and cutting, does it play into your skills?

Nix: Oh yeah,. I like to get out there and run.

Q: Missing time in college with your injury must have been frustrating but it did it serve a purpose to take a step back?

Nix: At the time, we had a new coach, and there was a lot of chaos in the program. It was the first time I was ever injured and I took a step back and put it almost in a coaching perspective, to see the mistakes. It was an eye-opening experience and you learn to never take stuff for granted because it could be done tomorrow.

Q: Big emphasis with the Raiders on guys who love football and will put in the work. Does that describe you?

Nix: I've been playing football my whole life. I don't know anything else. So when I get out here and they give me an opportunity to go in there, if they give me a book I'm going to read it, I'm going to learn it. Anything I can do to get on that field on Sunday.

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