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McKenzie continues "my guy" makeover with Herock hire as head of college scouting

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NFL scout Shaun Herock (photo by NFL/Green Bay Packers)
NFL scout Shaun Herock (photo by NFL/Green Bay Packers)

In the days following last weekend's draft, the Raiders fired longtime personnel man and director of college scouting, Jon Kingdon. Reggie McKenzie has now replaced Kingdon with another of ‘his guys.' He has reached back to Green Bay to hire the Packers' former assistant director of college scoutin, Shaun Herock to the same position. This according to sources close to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin.

Herock has Raider roots as well as he is the son of former Raiders tight end and personnel man, Ken Herock. Shaun worked with the Packers for 19 years, starting his work with the organization just a year before Reggie McKenzie joined the team's front office.

McKenzie waited until after the draft and undrafted free agency to start the changeover. But since then, the overhaul has been happening quickly. Tuesday McKenzie also fired several other longtime Raider scouts and it is being widely reported that he plans to bring in his twin brother, Raleigh McKenzie, to join the scouting department.

The move to bring in his brother has been met with some consternation. Although Raleigh is a veteran of 16 NFL seasons, he is not seen as a personnel man. He is currently an assistant coach on a high school football team.

All the while, the scouts he is firing have 30 plus years experience as NFL scouts. At first glance it would appear McKenzie went through the draft process as a means of evaluating the Raiders' scouting department before making his decisions. But if it is anything like the Hue Jackson situation, he knew the moment he walked in the building what he planned on doing.

The Herock hire is sound. The Packers have a great track record and Herock has a great deal of experience.

So the new era of the Raiders continues with Mark Davis giving his blessing and letting Reggie McKenzie run the show as a General Manager is supposed to do. And we can only reserve judgment to see if his decisions pan out.

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