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Raiders quarterback analysis and camp depth chart

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Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer warms up before a game at coliseum. (photo by Levi Damien)
Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer warms up before a game at coliseum. (photo by Levi Damien)

In the coming weeks the Raiders will enter their off season minicamp practices. The rosters are big at the moment and it can be difficult to keep track of all the players and where they fit into the puzzle. So it can be useful to go position by position and get a handle on exactly who the Raiders have and where they fit into the scheme of things.

And, as is standard, we start the position analysis with the sexiest, and arguably the most important, position on the field-quarterback.

The Raiders have their starter, Carson Palmer, returning from last season. He replaced former starter, Jason Campbell, when Campbell was lost for the season with a broken collarbone. Campbell left as a free agent and his backup from last season, Kyle Boller, left as well. Although, one could argue he probably never should have been the Raiders primary backup in the first place.

The teams also returns Terrelle Pryor who spent the first five games of last season suspended before entering for one unofficial play (a false start made it unofficial) and never seeing the field again.

The team picked up Rhett Bomar and Matt Leinart this offseason.

Here is how the Raiders projected depth chart will look in camp:

1. Carson Palmer- The unquestioned starter.

2. Matt Leinart- Signed to a one-year deal to be the team's number two quarterback. It is his job to lose.

3. Terrelle Pryor- Will be given every opportunity to show he can be an NFL quarterback. He will fight with Bomar to be the team's number three and should be named the third quarterback unless he completely stinks up the joint.

4. Rhett Bomar- Was released by the Vikings prior to last season after being arrested for a DUI and was out of football all of last season. Though he has never thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game, he has talent. He will be insurance in case one of the above three gets injured or the aforementioned stinking up of the joint.

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