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Raiders tight end analysis and camp depth chart

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Oakland Raiders tight end Brandon Myers (photo by Levi Damien)
Oakland Raiders tight end Brandon Myers (photo by Levi Damien)

This is one of the most uncertain groups on the team. The number one has proven he is not a game breaker and the rest of the group has proven nothing. This group of tight ends has some good potential but as a wise coach once said: "potential will get you fired."

Among the tight ends, there were no big splash signings. After cutting ties with starter, Kevin Boss, after just one season with the team, they were left with Brandon Myers, and 2011 rookies David Ausberry and Richard Gordon.

In the weeks leading up to the draft, they were looking at basketball player tight end prospects and they found one in Andre Hardy out of Cal State Fullerton. The team didn't draft any tight ends but later signed undrafted free agent Derek Carrier out of Beloit.

Here is the Raiders tight end depth chart heading into camp:

1. Brandon Myers- Not flashy and is by no means a number one tight end. The team will be hoping one of the other tight ends can step up and take the number one tight end job.

2. David Ausberry- Former college receiver, his potential is through the roof. He has been working diligently with Carson Palmer to develop a rapport as well as his tight end skills. He could be the answer as the top tight end receiving target.

3. Richard Gordon- Is not much of a receiver. He is a blocking tight end and little more. Played more fullback last season than tight end and if a couple of the athletic tight ends impress, Gordon will be out.

4. Andre Hardy- A raw product who hasn't played football since high school. The Raiders hope this basketball star can eventually become their Antonio Gates or Jimmy Graham. But first, he has to prove he can actually play the tight end position.

5. *Derek Carrier- The wildcard of the bunch. He is a tight end, wide receiver, H Back tweener. They could ask him to put on weight or use him much like they do Marcel Reece. Then again, he may be jack of all trades, master of none.

*Raiders have not yet officially announce undrafted free agent signings.

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