12 Predictions for the Raiders in 2012

Ive seen this kind of post on other teams blogs and it looks pretty cool, someone makes a post with some predictions and at the end of the year the guy re-posts on the results, I wont forget about this, I promise. After the season I will re-post on how I did with my predictions no matter how it panned out. Either way, at this point of the offseason we really dont have a lot to do so this is a post I make for fun. BTW, I am the ultimate optimist and everyone here knows it, so you knowwhat to expect. Here they are:

1. Darren McFadden plays 13 games. He will still break 1200 yards and 12 TDs. The injury will come at the beginning of the season. He will play well enough to earn himself a contract extension, even with a 4 game injury.

2. DHB will be the team's leading receiver with 85 catches, 1200 yards and 8 TDs. Ive said time to time that DHB is a better fit in the WC Offense due to his speed, size and style of play. We actually saw DHB do better with short catching and short routes. He will earn himself a spot in the team for 2013 as well.

3. Carson Palmer throws for a little over 4.5k yards, 40 TDs and 14 INTs and is selected to the Pro Bowl as a 3rd stringer. People forget that Palmer excelled in USC working with a very similar offense to the WC Offense, he got his no.1 overall stock with that system, and I think he is underrated at it. He can zip the ball tightly with power and will get the ball to our receivers, and can throw it deep at any time. Hard working QB too. Proves the trade was worth it.

4. Rolando McClain leads the team in tackles with 130 total, 90 solo. He isnt suspended by the league and him too, earns a spot in the team for 2013.

5. Tyvon Branch earns his first Pro Bowl berth. He blows up and gets the 2nd string for the Pro Bowl, 2 SSs are selected, one will probably be Polamalu, but the other will be Branch. He will sign a 5 year deal before the season ends.

6. Mike Goodson and Taiwan Jones combine for 400 yards and 3 TDs during DMacs injury. Both are talked about as good young backs with potential. If they spell each other well, and are supported by Palmer's good play, they will perform well enough to keep us in pace.

7. The Raiders rank 5th in total offense behind GB, NE, NO and HOU. With Palmer's 4500 projected passing yards and the 3 man combo in the running game of about 1600 yards, the Raiders would have about 6100 yards in total offense, add up a couple of end arounds and big plays and the Raiders can have about 6300 total yards.

8. The Raiders rank 15th in total Defense. Tarver and Allen use the talent on the team that was ranked 11th in 2010 and ended up 27th in 2011 and climb up 12 spots in the rankings. This may be optimistic but middle of the pack with my predicted offense is a playoff formula. The potential is there and 2012 showed it, the coaches need to use it to its fullest.

9. The Raiders end up 10-6, enough to win the division and go to the playoffs for the first time in an entire decade. The Raiders go 4-2 in the division losing @ Den and vs KC. And lose @BAL, @ATL, @MIA, and vs NO. Going 6-2 at home and 4-4 on the road. The Broncos miss the playoffs and the Chiefs get in, whom we beat @ home in the wildcard round (revenge game). We end up losing @ Hou the week after though, in the divisional round.

10. Jano breaks the record for longest field goal in NFL History! 65 yarder @ Mile High, we lose that game though. Earns his 2nd straight Pro Bowl berth.

11. Matt Shaugnessy leads the team in sacks with 10. He comes back at full force and gets 10 sacks.

12. The Raiders do get blown out in one game, that will be @ ATL. The Raiders lose this game 38-14. Every team has a bad stretch of games or a bad game, this will be the Raiders bad game. Even comming off the bye, the streak continues.

So yeah, these are the predictions, some very bold others not so much. Again, these are just predictions, we will see how I did a little less than a year from now so there is no rush. I will remember though, I promise.