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Raiders announce two scouts fired, two retired

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Four members of the Raiders' player-personnel staff, George Karras, Bruce Kebric, Jon Kingdon and Kent McCloughan, will not return to the team, the organization announced Tuesday.

"This was a very difficult decision because these individuals have been part of this organization for all or parts of four decades," said General Manager Reggie McKenzie. "We're grateful for their dedicated service to the Raiders."

Kebric and Kingdon were relieved of their duties, while Karras and McCloughan will retire.

The Kingdon release was expected as the team will hire former Packer Assistant Director of college scouting, Shaun Herock, as the new head of college scouting-- the area Kingdon was charged with. McKenzie expects to announce a restructuring of the team's player-personnel department later this month which will include the Herock hiring as well as several others; Reggie's brother Raleigh among also among them.

Longtime Raider scout Kent McCloughan had been with the team since the mid 1960's when he joined the team as a cornerback. He had this today with regards to his retirement:

"I had talked to Al Davis when I turned 65 and he said, ‘Listen, young man: You're not quitting before I do.' I owe him a lot. He was so nice to my family and me. We had some great years, including when Ron Wolf was with us. We won a lot of games. I had the opportunity to work 47 years with one team. I enjoyed it so much. I thought Al Davis was an outstanding person and boss. I enjoyed the scouting department, the coaches and players I had the opportunity to work with, and I'll always be a Raider. I'm going out about as good as a person can go out. You couldn't have written a better story for me. I have the NFL Sunday Ticket, and I'll still be watching all the games. I might even come out to training camp. I wish Reggie and the entire organization the best."