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Oakland Raiders to add Joey Clinkscales to front office

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Let's hear it for Reggie McKenzie, again. Now, I'm not going to pretend that I knew anything about Joey Clinkscales, other than that he was the New York Jets VP of College Scouting, before I wrote this, but, what I do know is that the old regime had to go as soon as Mr. Davis passed. It was clear that Al hired his guys to work directly with him and to carry out his wishes and without him around anymore it is time for this franchise to operate the way that new GM Reggie McKenzie sees fit.

I applaud how Reggie has gone about this process. He has gone out and gotten "His guys" and took his time in making the moves that didn't necessarily need to be made as he was loyal to the old timers that were around in his playing days by letting them stay through the draft and free agency before letting them go.

Now, here is what I could dig up on Clinkscales:

Here is a one on one video after last year's Jet Draft

I guess he was in the market for a job LinkedIn (I mean, who has a LinkedIn in the NFL?)

Looks like he may have put on some weight from his playing days

Just what position he will hold here, we don't know, but, I have to chalk up another one for Mr. McKenzie. Everyone knew that he wanted Clinkscales and he got him.