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Raiders ready for much needed break

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Oakland Raiders practice facility exterior.
Oakland Raiders practice facility exterior.

It has been an extremely busy offseason for Reggie McKenzie. He was brought in to reorganize and reconstruct the Raider organization from top to bottom. This meant front office, support staff, coaches, players, equipment, and reevaluating how the how the place is run. On top of all that, he has had to prepare for the draft, free agency, getting under the salary cap, and OTA's and minicamps. It has meant a lot of long days and now a much needed break.

Even if he hadn't had been charged with such a sizable task as this, there would have been little to no real rest period since the end of last season. No sooner does the season end but there are the myriad of different draftable player bowl games such as the Senior Bowl, East West Shrine game, and Blue Grey Bowl. Then there's the scouting combine, pro days, and free agency. This culminates with the draft and immediately afterward comes rookie minicamps and OTA's.

OTA's and mini camps are now complete and the only real offseason for the team will finally begin. It is six weeks until training camp starts. During that time off, there will be no organized practices. The coaches aren't even allowed to call up their players and talk football.

"We can't talk football with them," said Dennis Allen. "But what we can do is communicate with them, make sure they're doing OK. We're really going to use this time for both coaches and players to recharge, get our batteries ready to roll again, because it's a long grueling season and we all need a little bit of time to get recharged.

"We'll have our meeting with the players before we get out of here and they'll know exactly what's expected out of them and what to expect when they get to training camp."

It is now their time to spend reacquainting themselves with their families and, as Allen alluded to, generally trying to recharge and refresh. For in a little over a month, it will be time to dive head first into preparing for the 2012 season.

Reggie said he will be working a little during the time away but he admitted he will be winding down some during the next few weeks as well.

"I'll be working a little while those coaches are relaxing a little bit," said McKenzie. "They've been going at it, so it's been very good, the work that they've put in. But yes, they need to recharge a little bit."

But don't fret, Raider Nation. I have no offseason and I know neither do most of you. I will continue to do my best to keep getting you your fix of all things Raiders throughout the "offseason."