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Former Penn State linebacker Nathan Stupar reacts to Sandusky conviction

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Nathan Stupar #34 of Penn State Nittany Lions reacts after his team lost, 17-14, to Nebraska Cornhuskers at Beaver Stadium on November 12, 2011
Nathan Stupar #34 of Penn State Nittany Lions reacts after his team lost, 17-14, to Nebraska Cornhuskers at Beaver Stadium on November 12, 2011

The Raiders drafted two defenders our of Penn State in the 2012 draft and picked up another in undrafted free agency. First they drafted defensive end Jack Crawford in the fifth round, then linebacker Nathan Stupar in the seventh round, and signed safety Chaz Powell in undrafted free agency.

All of these players were teammates the past four years at Penn State where Jerry Sandusky was the former defensive coordinator. He was convicted on Friday of 45 counts of child molestation on 10 different young boys over a 15 year period. Sandusky's bail was revoked and he was taken directly to jail. He will be sentenced in 90 days and faces a maximum of 442 years in prison.

The sentencing is a formality at this point. The conviction all but guarantees the 68 year old Sandusky will be locked up for the rest of his life.

After his conviction it seemed everyone had something to say about it, including Raiders rookie seventh round pick Nathan Stupar who tweeted:

"I hope justice prevails tonight in the #Sandusky case. #letjusticebeswift"

"I am so proud of #PennState for sticking together through this entire #Sandusky trial."

"I pray for justice for the victims, their families, #PennState and #JoePa. #Sandusky"

"#Sandusky guilty on 45/48 counts. #justiceisserved"

No doubt Stupar, along with his fellow Nittany Lion teammates have grown extremely tired of the bad press and burden they have carried. Not to mention the scrutiny of the school and program in which they take a great deal of pride. This verdict should allow the process of moving on to begin.

As Stupar says "justice prevails". Although there is never truly justice in such a case. Because while Sandusky is near the end of his life, the children he molested will have most of their life still ahead of them. A life spent trying desperately to forget what that man did to them.

Also amidst the scandal, Penn State's legendary and beloved coach, Joe Paterno, retired in shame and he passed away shortly thereafter. Coach Paterno's part in this stems from an incident ten years ago when an assistant coach caught Sandusky naked in the showers with a young boy and reported it to Paterno but nothing came of it. That has become one of the more infamous points in the 15 known years Sandusky perpetrated his molestations.

The incident prompted one of the funnier responses to the conviction which came from Raiders second year cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke who tweeted:

"Jerry Sandusky meet Big Bubba.. Your new Shower partner"

Plainly put, if Sandusky is in general population at all, his life sentence may just become a death sentence. But no matter what happens to this man in prison, it will never compare to the damage he caused to those ten young boys.

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