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Raider Nation Celebration date set

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Raiders 2012 Raider Nation Celebration logo (photo by Oakland Raiders)
Raiders 2012 Raider Nation Celebration logo (photo by Oakland Raiders)

The Raiders have announced the date of the 2012 Raider Nation Celebration. The event will occur on August 12. No further details have been revealed as of yet such as the location of the event. As always, the event is completely free of charge and features all current Raider players as well as quite a few Raider Legends.

This will be the first Raider Nation Celebration since 2010 as last year there wasn't one due to the lockout causing a short offseason.

The 2010 Raider Nation Celebration was held in Jack London Square in Oakland. It has also been held at the stadium and at Frank Igawa Plaza in Oakland. Those are the three possible locations for the event.

The only difference between each location is, when it was held at the stadium, the team went through what was essentially a light practice in front of the crowd before some players spoke to the crowd.

Regardless of location, the Raider Nation Celebration allows fans to walk around to the different booths to get pictures with the Super Bowl and AFC Championship trophies, meet and get autographs from the Raiderettes, and Raider Legends and ultimately every Raider player will sign autographs for the crowd.

It's a great event and well worth the price of admission (free).