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Raiders first round pick in 2013 is safe

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As it turns out, the initial reports of the death of the conditional portion of the Raiders 2013 first round pick was greatly exaggerated. Steve Corkoran of the Bay Area News Group is reporting that the Raiders have confirmed the condition for the 2013 pick given up for Carson Palmer has passed.

The deal for Carson Palmer had the Raiders sending a 2012 first round pick and a conditional 2013 pick to the Bengals in the deal. The 2013 pick would be the Raiders round two selection unless the conditions were met. And that is where the misinformation occurred. It was thought that if the Raiders made the AFC Championship game following either the 2011 or 2012 seasons, the pick would be upgraded to a first round pick. As it turns out, the condition was only for the 2011 season.

Therefore the Raiders will keep their first round pick in 2013 regardless of what happens. That 2013 pick is not longer conditional. It will be the Raiders round two pick that heads to Cincinnati to finish the Palmer deal.