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Raider Legend Ken Stabler joins long list of players in concussion lawsuit

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The list just of former players joining the concussion lawsuit against the NFL continues to get longer. Among the names on the list are a lot of heavy hitters including 22 Hall of Famers. Now throwing his name in the helmet is Raiders Super Bowl winning quarterback Ken Stabler. This according to Pro Football Talk.

The lawsuit, filed July 23, now is 74 former NFL players strong-a number that continues to rise.

Here is how Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explains the allegations against the NFL:

The complaint contains detailed claims regarding the league's handling of concussions and allegedly reluctant acknowledgement of the realities of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy, focusing on the October 2009 Congressional hearing as the moment at which the NFL's tune changed.

The complaint, filed in federal court in Philadelphia, also mentions on on-field incidents occurring after 2009, such as the Kevin Kolb/Stewart Bradley concussions from Week One of the 2010 season and the Austin Collie concussions of 2010, along with the league's failure to ban "recidivist violators" like Steelers linebacker James Harrison from the game.

The action requests various legal "declarations" regarding the NFL's responsibility for head injuries, court-ordered "medical monitoring" of injuries arising from head trauma, and compensatory and punitive damages for negligence and fraud.

To read the entire article, Click here.

Stabler's involvement in the lawsuit comes on the heels of the news he still owes the IRS $265,000 in back taxes. The interest on that amount continues to pile up and if the former players win the lawsuit, the damages they pay will go a long way to helping Stabler pay off that debt.