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Steve Wisniewski out as Raiders assistant Oline coach

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A report surfaced Thursday morning that Raiders assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski had cleared out his office and was leaving the team. He was the team's assistant offensive line coach last season and was one of three coaches who was set to return this season.

The Raiders have confirmed the report that Wisniewski has resigned, citing "personal reasons." The previous reports said he had stepped down to spend more time with his family. It seems odd when you consider he has family playing for the Raiders. His nephew Stefen Wisniewski is set to the Raiders starting center this season.

Steve is a Raider Legend who spent his entire NFL career with the Raiders. He has been a Hall of Fame finalist after playing 13 seasons along the Raiders offensive line, mostly at left guard where he was an 8-time Pro Bowler and 2-time All Pro.

The Raiders are set to switch to a zone blocking scheme with new offensive line coach Frank Pollack. The idea was the Pollack was to specialize in the coaching of the tackles while Wisniewski was to focus on the interior line. But the commitment of being a full time coach turns out to be more than he wants at this time.

Wisniewski will not be absent from the team altogether. He will instead be a day of game assistant coach which will allow for him to have the time with his family he needs while still being around the team and his nephew.

The Raiders have decided not to fill Wisniewski's vacant assistant offensive line coach position this season.