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Raider players report to Napa for training camp

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The Raiders have been trickling in to Napa and checking in to the Napa Marriott today. Some drove their own car while the rookies and new Raiders came by bus from Alameda. Several fans were on hand at the team hotel to greet their favorite players and meet the new Raiders as they arrived.

The first to arrive was kicker Sebastian Janikowski who arrived with his set of golf clubs ready to play some of the world class courses in the Napa Valley. It seemed appropriate that a kicker would show up with his clubs considering he would get more exercise playing the links than he would at practice. Even if you rented a cart.

When the bus arrived, the players filed off. The first to announce his arrival via twitter was newly signed defensive back Brandon Underwood who said "The eagle has landed." He was also the first to exit the bus... pulling a rollaway bag complete with a Raiders pillow pet.

The players then proceeded to tables set up outside their rooms where they checked in. They will be staying in the room for approximately the next three weeks. At least those who are not cut prior to the end of training camp which wraps on August 23.

Recently signed third round pick, Tony Bergstrom, arrived on the bus with his fellow rookies. He signed his rookie deal Friday and it was officially announced by the team this morning. He had one of the more telling statements, saying "I'm not about to be the first holdout of the new CBA as a third-rounder." That would have looked bad for a third round pick.

Speaking of holding out looking bad, a notable absence was unsigned fifth round pick Juron Criner who is reportedly haggling with the Raiders over $14,000 of bonus money. No word yet on if/when that will be resolved or if he will be in camp before team meeting Sunday morning.

The coaches will go through walk-thru today without players. The first day of actual practice will begin Monday. The first day with hitting begins on Wednesday.