'The Snake' trying to find some wiggle room with the tax man

Kenny "The Snake" Stabler is struggling to find a way to pay down his $265,000 IRS debt. After losing his job as an Alabama Crimson Tide radio analyst in 2009 following his third DUI arrest, of which he was later acquitted, Stabler is now mostly retired. At the age of 66, Stabler lives mostly on his NFL pension, while he tries to sign enough memorabilia to keep up with the interest due the IRS.

The Mobile Press-Register lays out his debt as follows:

$125,685.76 in unpaid income taxes in 1999 through 2001.

$134,166.28 in unpaid income taxes by the Stabler Co., in 1995 and 1998 through 2000, plus a $5,509.76 civil penalty. The Stabler Co. was a firm Stabler set up to arrange his speaking appearances and consulting work.

The former Oakland Raiders great has sold his last piece of property in Mobile, Alabama, but unfortunately it was still not enough to get him out of trouble with Uncle Sam. The Super Bowl XI champion and former Alabama Crimson Tide great plans to negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, but will have a hard time paying down his debt signing jerseys, and footballs.

I for one think he would be a great addition to Jim Plunkett and the rest of the broadcast staff calling Raider games. But without the Oakland Raiders reaching out to him, as they have to so many members of the Raider family tree, the Snake may have a hard time finding a way to get the tax man off his back.