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Aaron Curry seeing specialist about his knee

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Oakland Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry at 2012 OTA's (photo by Levi Damien)
Oakland Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry at 2012 OTA's (photo by Levi Damien)

Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry has not participated in training camp practice with Raiders this season. He went out in OTA's and was out all of minicamp. He has had a soft tissue injury in his knee that has been giving him a lot of problems. This offseason he received a stem cell procedure to try and correct the problem.

"it's the only thing that's helped me recover." Curry said of his stem cell treatment speaking with Paul Gutierrez from CSN Bay Area. "Without it I'd be a lost cause for sure."

The same treatment seems to have worked like a charm on middle linebacker Rolando McClain. He played in pain much of last season but is practicing pain free now. But Curry's treatment doesn't seem to have taken quite so well. His continual missing of practice had him asking and receiving permission to travel to Los Angeles to see a specialist about the knee.

"[He's] just not getting to where we want him to be." Said Dennis Allen of Curry. "He'll go down and we'll let him get basically a second opinion and see if we can't do something to get him better."

On Thursday Curry tweeted that he would like to thank Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen but he didn't say why. It immediately sparked a lot of speculation as to whether he had been cut from the team. But according to Allen, he was thanking them for allowing him to go see the specialist about his knee.

Seeing this specialist could signal far greater issues with the knee than first thought. As of now we have been given no timetable for his return.

Rookie Miles Burris has been filling in at first team weak side linebacker in Curry's absence. From the looks of things, Burris will be the starter through most, if not all, of the preseason. At this point even the start of the regular season is in question.