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Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys Pre-Season Opening Game Thread

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Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys Coliseum, 5PM PST, ESPN (Chucky is in the House)

Oakland +1.5

Here we go Silver and Black, it is time to get the silver and black paint out, turn on the grills and get ready to watch some football. If you are reading this, then you are probably like me, NOT, at the Coliseum, so this thread will keep us up to date on the action.

Fortunately the Raiders are on ESPN so most of you won't have to watch or any other "Link".

In this game I am looking forward to seeing my boys get in some work. And NOT get hurt.

I'm looking for Dennis Allen to get his feet wet and I look forward to seeing how he runs the team. This will be is first game at the helm of the pirate shin in Oakland and from what every player has told me off the record, they LOVE this guys and the energy that he has brought. (On a side note, the defensive player have man crushed on Tarver ad I can't wait to see the D mix some things up.

The game will be on in 20 minutes, so let's get after this Oakland!!!

What are your keys to the game? Who are you stalking, umm, watching closely. I'm going to be watching the DB's, LB's and DT's. In my opinion, they all hold the key to how this season will play out.