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Second half game thread: Raiders 11, Cardinals 24

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So far, a lot more miscues than anyone has hoped for, and a half of football Allen and the team will likely want to put behind them. Way too many points left on the field, and opportunities missed.

Carson Palmer continues to look like the guy who will always try to do it all himself, and if he can't learn to tone it down some, the CP critics have claimed is all the Nation can hope for might be around longer than fans wished. Granted, he needs help, and we know it's a different team without Darren McFadden, but it was ugly in a lot of ways if your name isn't Rod Streater.

Will the starters come out to begin the second half? Unlikely, but Dennis Allen and Jason Tarver might feel there's some unfinished business on the field.

Keep the game comments and energy going.

Wishing Jacoby Ford the best.