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Man shot in face in parking lot during Raiders, Cardinals preseason game

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Several Glendale Arizona news sources are reporting a man shot another man in the face in the Northwest parking lot of the University of Phoenix Stadium Friday night. The shooting happened outside while inside the stadium the Raiders were playing the Cardinals in a preseason NFL matchup.

Reportedly a fight broke out between two men and one of the men pulled a gun and shot the other in the face. The shooter is in custody and the victim is in the hospital in critical condition.

The incident is all too familiar to the Raiders and their fans whose annual preseason matchup with Bay Area rival 49ers was canceled until further notice due to a shooting that occurred following a game at Candlestick park two seasons ago. That violence had the NFL and the Raiders beefing up their security.

For this particular incident, there is no word on what started the altercation, who was a fan of whom (as if that should matter).

But I urge you to leave those matters to others who can't separate sport and life. Keep your thoughts with the victim and his family.