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New details on shooting outside Raiders, Cardinals game Friday night

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After the initial wave of reports came out about the alleged shooting incident that occurred outside the game on Friday night between the Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders. Jay Rackem over at the site Fans Against Violence has since revealed additional details on the incident.

According to Officer Tracey Breeden, the on-duty Public Information officer for the Glendale Police Department, a 9:30 PM local time altercation between two male individuals took place in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, which is sometimes used as ‘overflow parking' for games. The shooter, who immediately called the police once the incident took place, stated that it was accidental when he pulled out a gun and it fired. The victim of the shooting suffered what Breeden called ‘flesh wounds' and not what were erroneously reported originally as ‘life-threatening injuries.' The as yet unidentified shooter is in police custody, but is not under arrest at this time. Police are reporting the shooting victim will be ‘perfectly fine.'

To read the entire article, click here.

When I first reported it, there a lot of things that were unclear. The one area that the reports from local Glendale media had said was that the victim suffered life threatening injuries. That turned out to be false.

There is still, as I said originally, no evidence of the two men involved in the incident being fans of either team or even if they had attended the game. But that won't stop those who want to believe it was another incident involving Raider fans to jump to the conclusions to which they would like to jump.