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Korey Bosworth's uncle warned him about joining the Raiders

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Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth

The Raiders signed free agent linebacker Korey Bosworth last week and instantly the name Bosworth brought back some memories among the Silver and Black. The Bosworth name will forever be attributed to his uncle, Brian Bosworth, and for Raiders fans, it has long been synonymous with one play in a career game for running back Bo Jackson.

The famous play for the Raiders, and infamous for Uncle Brian, was a 2-yard run in which Bo Jackson and ‘The Boz' met at the line and Bo ran Boz right over and into the endzone for the touchdown. To make the day even more famous, it was also the game in which Bo Jackson ran "all the way to Tacoma" on a 91 yard run.

Bo Jackson ran for 221 yards on 18 carries in that game- a then all-time record for the Raiders. His 91 yard run was also a team record. That is until he beat his own record two seasons later.

That day was November 30, 1987. Almost exactly 25 years ago. And it has lived on in the hearts and minds of Raider fans ever since. For Bosworth, however, the memory is not a good one. And he knew that when his nephew was signed by the Raiders, the subject would come up.

"(Laughs) Yeah, he actually called me and he told me that someone might eventually start asking about that." Said Korey Bosworth. "He said, just be nice when that question finally comes up and we kind of go back and forth about me playing, being out here in Oakland and that happening back in the 80s so he just said, As long as that doesn't happen again, we're good (Laughs again)."

Korey has known about that play due to how famous it has become. But he sees it a bit differently coming from the other side of things.

"I'm kind of biased towards it. If I had to say now, I'd say it was a good play by Bo Jackson. But being family and everything, it was just a bad angle, you know? (laughs again)."

Officially a first-year player, Bosworth initially signed as a non-drafted free agent with the Denver Broncos in 2010. He spent parts of training camp with the Detroit Lions in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and played in the Lions' preseason opener last week vs Cleveland. Bosworth played all 51 games during his four years at UCLA, starting 25 in a row over his final two seasons.

He is a longshot to make the team at this point. But think about the family get togethers if he did.