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New details reveal shooting at stadium in Arizona was Cardinal fan on Raider fan

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Police have confirmed additional details involved with the shooting that took place outside University of Phoenix Stadium during the Raiders vs Cardinals game last Friday night. In a report by Paul Gutierriez of CSN Bay Area, the police stated "The incident appears to be fan-based."

Additionally, it has been revealed that the victim is a Raider fan and the shooter a Cardinal fan. The Raider fan was a 30 year old male in silver face paint.

The Cardinal fan is a 57 year old man who had left the game during the third quarter with his wife. That is when the shooting took place. The two fans got into a verbal altercation and the Cardinal fan felt threatened, pulled a gun, and shot the Raider fan in the face. He called the police immediately after the incident occurred stating that the gun went off by accident.

The Raider fan is in the hospital in stable condition. The Cardinal fan was not arrested and the police continue to investigate the matter. The police had this to say about why the shooter was not arrested and is not in custody:

"There was not enough compelling evidence gathered on the scene, through statements or physical evidence, to make the investigators comfortable with an arrest on the 57-year-old male,"

The previous details collected from authorities by the site Fans Against Violence:

According to Officer Tracey Breeden, the on-duty Public Information officer for the Glendale Police Department, a 9:30 PM local time altercation between two male individuals took place in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, which is sometimes used as ‘overflow parking' for games. The shooter, who immediately called the police once the incident took place, stated that it was accidental when he pulled out a gun and it fired. The victim of the shooting suffered what Breeden called ‘flesh wounds' and not what were erroneously reported originally as ‘life-threatening injuries.' The as yet unidentified shooter is in police custody, but is not under arrest at this time. Police are reporting the shooting victim will be ‘perfectly fine.'

To read the entire article, click here.

These latest details confirm what was unclear before. Many were saying that it was simply a coincidence that the shooting took place near the stadium. I am also being told that it is more than just flesh wounds suffered by the Raider fan but that he is, among other things, losing an eye from the gunshot wounds he suffered.