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Seymour still not practicing, could miss third preseason game

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Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour (92) at minicamp at the Raiders practice facility.
Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour (92) at minicamp at the Raiders practice facility.

Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour hasn't practiced all week. It's the last week of training camp for the Raiders as they work up to their third preseason game. Starters will likely be playing well into the third quarter in this game, but, it looks as if Richard Seymour will not be out there with them.

Head coach Dennis Allen has been saying that there is no injury to be worried about with the 12-year veteran defensive lineman and this is just a case of veteran time off.

"It's not an injury." Said Allen. "He's an older veteran guy and his knees get a little sore, so we try to rest him to make sure we get him ready to play.

"Guys can only get out and get so many ... they've only got so many shots and when a guy gets more age on him, you have to be careful as far as how much you use him. The deal is we have to get him enough work to get him ready to play but yet have him ready to play so we can have him for a full 16 games this year.

"I think anytime you go into camp you kind of know at some point in time some of these veteran players are going to need some time off. He pushed real hard early in camp and then as we kind of have gotten into camp we've taken more time off with him."

We may not see Seymour in a game again until the first game of the season. The final game of the preseason plays only a few starters for a short time while many of the starters don't take the field at all. I wouldn't expect Seymour to be one of those who take the field. Which means we have only seen him in one game this preseason versus the Cardinals in week two because he didn't play in the preseason opener either.

Taking his place in the lineup will be Desmond Bryant. Bryant has played well in relief of Seymour and the Raiders defensive line still plays quite well with Bryant. They were dominant in the first game of the preseason with Bryant playing, holding the Cowboys to three yards rushing in the first quarter.

Joining those not practicing today was tight end Tory Humphrey. It is uncertain what his injury is just yet but trainers were working on him in practice Wednesday. Richard Gordon also left practice Wednesday with sore ribs and he hasn't returned either. It is uncertain if either will play in Saturday's game.

Also not practicing were: Jacoby Ford (foot), Denarius Moore (hamstring), Rashawn Jackson (hip), Aaron Curry (knee), Stefen Wisniewski (calf), Ed Wang (shoulder), Zach Hurd (head), and Jamie Cumbie (foot).