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Dennis Allen updates us on injuries to Janikowski, Wisniewski, Moore, and more

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Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski (11) walks off the field after the Raiders attempted a fake field goal attempt against the Dallas Cowboys
Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski (11) walks off the field after the Raiders attempted a fake field goal attempt against the Dallas Cowboys

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen got on the line for his day-after-game conference call today. He gave us a good indication of where many of the Raiders stand in their nagging injuries. Here is what he had to say:

Sebastian Janikowski injury status?

"He's got basically a sore groin. He's a little tight but doesn't seem to be any pull or defect in the muscle or anything like that so I don't anticipate it being a big deal."

Will he be ready for the opener?

"That would be my assumption after seeing him today."

Will Janikowski kick any more in preseason or will you shut him down until the regular season opener?

"I think it's going to be really based off how he's doing when we come to gameday Thursday evening at Seattle. If he's healthy then he'll kick and if he's not ready to go then we'll hold him but I don't really anticipate that being anything that carries over into the regular season."

Any other injuries from the game?

"No, nothing really of really any significance. Pat Lee's got a sore back and he may miss a couple days of practice but I would anticipate him being ready to go for the Seattle game."

You expect to get any of the injured guys back this week?

"I don't know whether they'll be out on the field or not. Wiz won't play this week, he's not ready. Denarius Moore, he's closer, he got a chance to go out on the field before the game last night and ran some routes so I feel pretty confident that he's close. But Wiz is for sure not gonna be ready this week. Seymour, it's more of a maintenance deal with Richard. He's got some arthritis basically in his knee and so he gets a little pain, a little swelling and we gotta manage that."

Any kind of setback for Stefen Wisniewski?

"No, there hasn't been a setback. The calf just hasn't responded as fast as I would hope but we're still within that window of when we thought he might be ready to go."

Will Wisniewski get his starting job back when he's healthy?

"I think we'll deal with that when we get to that. But there's nothing promised either way. There's nothing promised as far as he's gonna run in there and be the starter and we're not making that decision that he wouldn't be. We'll wait and cross that bridge when we get to it."

You confident Denarius Moore will be available for the opener?

"I'm confident that he'll be ready for the opener. Now I don't have that crystal ball so I can't say for suer but I think where he's at now in relationship to when we open up on Monday night, I think there's plenty of time for him to get ready. I think if he continues to improve like he has the last couple of days that he'll be ready to go."

No chance he plays in Seattle?

"I wouldn't say no chance. But the only way that we're gonna put him out there is if we're confident that he's fully ready because the last thing that I wanna do is put him out there and have him pull up again and now we're going into the regular season and he's gonna be battling that all season long. So our plan is to get him healthy where he's ready to go and hopefully we won't have to deal with this throughout the season."

Jacoby Ford injury status still the same?

"Jacoby is still the same. He's made some progress. He's not ready. He still got the boot but he's been able to take the boot off and walk pain free so I think we're making some progress there."