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How relevant are preseason stats?

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Preseason or not, it is encouraging that the Raiders are perched so high in the NFL Team statistics categories.

Into this 4th and last weak of preseason, Oakland has the 3rd best overall defense - 4th best rush defense and 5th best pass defense.

The focus on improving rush defense was right at the top of Coach Al., Dennis' (has a familiar ring to it) objectives and I recall him stating in a press conference that the Raiders would have a top 5 defense. Tonight will be a good test for Oakland's rush defense - Seattle is currently Ranked #1 in Rushing.

By the way, the Raiders' offense does not look shabby either (on paper, at least). Oakland's Total offense is ranked 10th: Rushing ranked 6th and passing 11th. Moreover, it was ranked 8th yesterday before six teams played and, therefore, received a statistical edge.

I couldn't find special teams stats by teams, so this post will remain positive.