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Former Raider Gallery retires after one week in Patriots camp

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Guard Robert Gallery #72 of the Seattle Seahawks
Guard Robert Gallery #72 of the Seattle Seahawks

Former number two overall pick, Robert Gallery, has retired from football. He had signed with the New England Patriots this offseason but after just one week of camp, he has decided his career is over.

Gallery left the Raiders last offseason as a free agent and signed a long term deal with the Seahawks. But after yet another injury riddled season, the Seahawks cut ties with the former "can't miss" draft pick.

The big offensive lineman had never lived up to the hype he had coming out of college. He was a standout left tackle out of Iowa and the Raiders took him second overall thinking he would solidify the left tackle position for the team for years to come. He started out at right tackle, then struggled at left tackle and was moved to left guard. He played well at left guard but rarely saw a full healthy season. The Raiders and Gallery mutually parted ways before the 2011 season after seven seasons.

Gallery's skills have diminished and the injuries have taken their toll. The Patriots were thinking they could salvage this former Raider just as they have tried several times in recent years. But like most of the others, it didn't work out.