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Fans at camp get a kick out of Sebastian Janikowski

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Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski at minicamp (photo by Levi Damien)
Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski at minicamp (photo by Levi Damien)

Today was the third and final day in which fans were allowed to attend Raiders training camp. There was about 1000 fans on hand and they got quite a nice little show from kicker Sebastian Janikowski.

When Janikowski first lined up to kick, fans were calling for him to hit the top of the cherry-picker which was erected a few yards past the goal posts. He abliged, hitting it squarely as you could hear the ball whack against it. The fans wanted more though. They wanted him to beam the cameraman perched atop the lift.

Janikowski did one better. He kicked it up onto the platform where it stayed. The camera guy reached down, picked it up, and held the football up to the crowd who cheered at the sight.

"I heard some guy yelling in the stands, a hundred dollars if you that guy." Said Janikowski "I was aiming at him. It was fun. It was just for fun."

All of his other kicks soared up over or just by the lift and landed over the fence onto the playground of the jr high school which is typical. The Raiders send interns to the other side to field the kicks as the come over and throw them back.

As Seabass said, he was having fun. So the Raiders obliged the excited fans and lined him up for a 61 yard field goal.

He nailed it. Split the uprights in one try. With room to spare. It would have easily been good from 65 yards out. Janikowski admitted he wanted to put on a show for the fans today.

Said Janikowski, "I was working on it yesterday on the other field, I hit a 70-yarder, so I figured why not?"

The fans left happy with their Pro Bowl kicker's show. Not many kickers can trot out and nail a 61 yard field goal with ease "just for fun."