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Raiders training camp photo gallery: Vol 4

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I have compiled another volume of pictures which I have taken at Raiders training camp. These pictures were all taken on camp days four thru six which happen to be the days the Raiders had 1000 plus fans in attendance daily.


The fans are ready to see their 2012 Raiders in action.


Raider fans in their player jerseys and team colors get a rare camp look as they prepare for the 2012 season.


Jacoby Ford speaks to his fellow receivers as the rookies look on.


Head coach Dennis Allen addresses the team for a moment of instruction before returning to practice.


Thomas Mayo goes out for a pass in receiver drills as fellow rookies Juron Criner, Derek Carrier, and Brandon Carswell wait their shot.

The Raiders are now a week into training camp. I will have additional photos as camp goes along and we march toward the regular season. To keep up with my live practice tweets, follow me on Twitter @LeviDamien.