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Raiders training camp photo gallery: Vol 5

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I continue with my photo gallery of Oakland Raiders training camp from Napa. This is the second volume from days four thru six in which there were 1000 fans in attendance to watch the Raiders practice. Here are some of the photos I took those days:


Zachary from NFL Rush earned the title of honorary media member for the day where he was introduced to his media colleagues for the day like Jeanette Thompson and got to personally interview Raiders head coach, Dennis Allen. Sporting a Darren McFadden Raiders jersey, he also said he would like to interview McFadden as well.







In this series of pictures, Raiders Chief Executive, Amy Trask, brings water to a thirsty little dog who is there with his family to see training camp. She even gets a kiss out of the deal and a big smile from the little guy. She went above and beyond to make everyone in attendance feel comfortable. Plus, she is quite the animal lover. A woman after my own heart.


Darrius Heyward-Bey catches a pass in drills and tiptoes the sideline. The crowd got a birds eye view and cheered afterward.


Rookie Derek Carrier leaps in the air and extends with one arm to attempt to pull in a tough catch.