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Update on Mike Goodson injury status

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In Raiders training camp today, Mike Goodson went down and didn't get up. The Raiders called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital. We now know further details on the injury.

The injury occurred when Palmer threw a pass to Goodson over the middle of the field and linebacker Phillip Wheeler met him with a helmet to helmet hit that knocked him to the ground. According to Wheeler, Goodson said something to the effect that he couldn't get up. Trainers rushed to his aid while Taiwan Jones stayed by to watch over his fallen teammate.

Per Dennis Allen, it is a neck injury though we don't know you the severity of the injury. Goodson's sister tweeted out that he was in the hospital and was doing fine.

Philip Wheeler claims he doesn't believe it was a helmet to helmet hit although he was visibly shaken by the incident and said he will be visiting Goodson in the hospital if the team will let him.