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Raiders training camp photo gallery: Vol 8

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The third photo gallery volume from days six thru nine of Raiders 2012 training camp.


Rookie undrafted free agent defensive tackle Dominique Hamilton works on his pass rushing with fellow defensive linemen.. Tommy Kelly takes a breather.

Several Raiders' booster clubs came out to practice on Wednesday including the 66 Mob, Fresno Knights of the Shield, and Oakland Raiders Boosters. The Raider players graciously stopped to sign autographs.


Mike Mitchell stops to autograph a fan's Raider Nation poster board.


Safety Tyvon Branch is happy to oblige a fan who would like her autograph a bit more close to her heart. One of the perks of the job, I guess.


A young Raider fan awaits his chance to receive an autograph and meet some Raider players. This moment has been brought to you by: National Rent-a-fence. For the best defense it just makes sense to rent-a-fence.


The man in the Darren McFadden jersey with the Darren McFadden painted football is hoping to get... someone's autograph. I'm not sure who, I didn't think to ask.


A fan holds out his well marked Raider poster board with little room left for any more signatures.