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Immediate action necessary to salvage Oakland Raiders' playoff hopes

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The evidence of the Raiders' Monday Night Football display contradicts those who discount the relevance of Pre-season. On display for the whole world to witness was more of the same seen in Pre-season - "West Coast Lite" or, if you prefer, the most predictable "offensive" play-calling seen in Oakland since Knapp OC'd the Raiders 2007 and 2008 seasons and achieved the unenviable record of 9 victories and 23 defeats.

Right now the concern should not be player performances so much as the systemic problem the Raiders are afflicted by - this affliction is in the corrosive form of the most unimaginative and predictable strategist (to abuse the word) and play-caller conceivable. For those just waking from a coma or living in K.C., , I refer to the Raiders Offensive Coordinator, Greg Knapp. This occupation of Oakland by a thoroughly sub-mediocre OC will lead to ruin, heart-break and bitterness for everyone bleeding Silver & Black.

With Knapp as OC, the Raiders can forget about winning the AFCW Division despite any improvements (and they are significant) in their Defense.

What can be done? Indeed, what must be done?