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S&BP predicts week two NFL games

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It's hard to believe. It seems the season just started and yet here we are about to start week two of the season. The first matchup is tonight with the Packers and Bears facing off.

Last week was interesting. The first week usually is. Myself and Saint took the early lead in our predictions with both of us going 10-6. We were both in the minority for two of our picks, Saint was the only one to correctly predict the Buccaneers would beat the Panthers and I was the only one to correctly predict the Broncos would beat the Steelers.

Next up were Adam and S.O.B. who both had a 9-7 record. The rest of the staff came in at 8-8 which is good because it means no one had below .500 in the first week.

We all predicted a week one win for the Raiders and were all wrong. I can't speak for everyone but I can tell you that my prediction was not based on any kind of homerism. I really did see the Raiders winning that game. They had every opportunity to do so if it hadn't been for losing long snapper, Jon Condo.

The other games we all missed on across the board were New Orleans and Seattle. We all thought the Saints would beat the Redskins, not thinking Robert Griffin III would be so dynamic right out the gates, and that Seattle with their stout defense would handle the hapless Cardinals. And we were all wrong.

Here's our predictions for week two:

Levi Saint Adam S.O.B. RaiderWay RDreamer Rhynno Result
Record thus far 10-6 10-6 9-7 9-7 8-8 8-8 8-8
Chicago at Green Bay Thurs 8:20 PM GB GB GB GB GB GB GB GB
Kansas City at Buffalo 1:00 PM KC BUF KC KC BUF KC BUF
Cleveland at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CIN CIN CIN CLE CIN CIN CIN
Minnesota at Indianapolis 1:00 PM IND IND MIN MIN MIN IND MIN
New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 PM NO NO CAR NO NO NO CAR
Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 PM HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU
Oakland at Miami 1:00 PM OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK
Arizona at New England 1:00 PM NE NE NE NE NE NE NE
Tampa Bay at NY Giants 1:00 PM NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG
Baltimore at Philadelphia 1:00 PM BAL PHI BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
Washington at St. Louis 4:05 P WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS
Dallas at Seattle 4:05 PM DAL DAL DAL SEA DAL DAL DAL
NY Jets at Pittsburgh 4:25 PM PIT PIT PIT PIT PIT NYJ NYJ
Tennessee at San Diego 4:25 PM SD SD SD SD SD SD SD
Detroit at San Francisco 8:20 PM SF SF SF SF SF SF SF
Denver at Atlanta Mon 8:30 PM DEN DEN DEN DEN ATL ATL ATL