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Raiders reminder "Early in and you may win" promotion

New, comment Coliseum exterior (photo by Levi Damien) Coliseum exterior (photo by Levi Damien)

The Raiders are continuing their "Early in and you may win" promotion this week as the Steelers come to town. Here are the details:

Fans whose tickets are scanned (and thus in the stadium) an hour before kickoff will be eligible to win some really cool prizes including field passes, locker room tours, memorabilia autographed by Hall of Famers and Raider Legends and current players, the latest in merchandise, and Raider Image gift cards.

One of the major reasons the Raiders are encouraging fans to arrive early is due to the new security procedures in place for the game.

The NFL is now requiring all NFL facilities to have a metal detection system in place at all stadium entry gates. Everyone will be subject to security screening of property and person, including metal detection, prior to entering the stadium.

Guests will have their bags searched and will need to empty pockets before walking through a metal detector. You can find the list of prohibited items at so you can be sure and leave those items at home or in your car.