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Raiders vs Steelers week 3 live game thread: Second half

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The Raiders got the game started off with an interception on the first play of the game. The Steelers would take the short field and drive for a touchdown. It was an auspicious beginning to be sure. And it signaled some of the issues of last week in Miami were still plaguing the Raiders. But not all of those issues.

The Raiders got the ball back and on the second play, Darren McFadden saw a huge hole in the line and burst through it for 64 yard touchdown run to tie of the game.

The Steelers then took the lead right back after a long touchdown drive of their own.

Later in the first half, the Raiders got their first turnover of the season on a forced fumble by Desmond Bryant which was recovered by Joselio Hanson at the Steelers' 30 yard line. The Raiders then drove for another touchdown from Palmer to Darrius Heyward-Bey.

But just when you thought this game would be tied at half, the Steelers drove right down the field and were in scoring position in five plays to send them into the locker room ahead 17-14.

Steelers lead in most categories: First downs (14-5), Third down conversions (5-9 to 0-4), net yards (235-105), and time of possession (21:36-8:24).

The Raiders have had close scores at half in both of their first two games this season-both losses. We will see if they can make the proper halftime adjustments this time and stay in the game.