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Monday Night Packers vs Seahawks open game thread

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It's Monday Night and I know there is nothing you folks would rather do than watch football. So why not watch it while chatting with your fellow Raider fans, right?

It's a great matchup tonight with the Packers dynamic offense versus the Seahawks with their solid defense and surprising rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. Both teams are 1-1 and have designs on a playoff run.

The Seahawks and Raiders have swapped a few players in the past couple seasons while the Raiders have been signing former Packers left this offseason.

Two Raider free agents headed up to Seattle in the 2011 offseason-Zach Miller and Robert Gallery. The two of them followed their former head coach with the Raiders, Tom Cable, to Seattle where he became the offensive line coach.

Gallery has since retired due to increasing injuries but Miller is still a Seahawk.

Zach Miller was a great tight end for the Raiders but they didn't want to pay him what he was asking and he signed a deal worth $6 million per season in Seattle. He hasn't lived up to that contract but he is still a legitimate threat at the tight end position.

The Packers were where Reggie McKenzie was an executive for 18 years. He has signed three different players from his former team this offseason-all defensive backs, two still on the team. The Packers also signed Cedric Benson who had worked out for the Raiders but whom they didn't sign. He has played well thus far for the Packers and will look to continue to make the Raiders regret not signing him.