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Charting personnel: Raiders vs. Steelers 2012 continued

Motions, creative use of TEs and RBs to keep defenses guessing proved successful in the first quarter. The Raiders offense takes the field again with just over ten minutes in the second quarter.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Hit the jump to get right into it. I have to wonder if all the motion stuff comes from Saunder's presence and playbook or it's still all Knapp. It's been speculated here on the board that the approach looked different from weeks one and two. Who knows...

2nd quarter

Raiders start from their 40 yard line and come out in 11 personnel, three wide, Brandon Myers the lone tight end left side, Denarius Moore flanking solo right. Ten of eleven guys are between first and second in the A's infield with only Denarius in the grass. Handoff to McFadden off tackle right side with Myers coming across goes nowhere.

2nd and 9, 41 yd. line. 9:47. It looks like same formation flipped, but upon closer inspection, it's technically 21 personnel, 2 backs, one TE, but Marcel Reece is lined up in the right side slot between Myers and DHB who's flanking wide right, Moore wide left. Single back formation with McFadden deep. Second time Reece comes out lined up wide. McFadden on a wheel route into the flats gains six and out of bounds.

3rd and 4, 46. Same personnel as previous play, but Myers is lined up outside Veldheer on the left. Reece is again slot right with DHB wide. Moore is wide left. McFadden is stuffed on a run to the left side, but you can see Reece is keeping Lamarr Woodley honest; when he breaks to the sideline, Woodley, who was cheating as though he were rushing in, goes outside to stay with Reece. I'm sure Reece would provide an excellent hot route had Foote blitzed and he's always dangerous to add YAC. Raiders punt.

Turnover gives the Raiders at Pittsburgh 30 w/ 4:20 left in the quarter. They come out 22, McFadden and Reece in the I, Palmer under center, Gordon TE right, Myers left. Moore is wide right w/ Heyward-Bey in the slot. Palmer rolls out bootleg right off the play action to McFadden, has time but no one is open and hits Reece underneath coverage for short gain.

2nd and 7. 27. 02 personnel, empty backfield, David Ausberry TE right, Myers left, DHB wide left, Moore slot, Rod Streater wide right. Ausberry catches the down and out and turns it upfield and out of bounds for the first down.

1st and 10. 11 personnel, single back formation, McFadden deep, Palmer under center. 3 wide are Heyward-Bey wide left, Rod Streater slot, with Marcel Reece wide right. Myers is TE right but motions left before the snap. Handoff to McFadden left side goes nowhere.

2nd and 9. 13 yard line, 2.39 remaining. Raiders come out jumbo, 13 personnel, McFadden the single back deep, Ausberry and Gordon are TEs right, Myers left, with Rod Streater bunched left, motioning to the flat before the snap. Palmer fakes handoff to Mcfadden and bootlegs right, fake pumps a couple times and runs for a six yard gain and out of bounds.

3rd and 3 from the 7. 12 personnel, McFadden deep, Palmer under center, Mike Goodson and Brandon Myers are tight left, DHB bunched wide, Denarius Moore wide right. This looks like a designed quick dump off to Goodson but defense is all over it: Goodson's able to wiggle for a little to bring up a...

4th and 2. 22 personnel, Reece and McFadden in the I, Palmer under center, Brandon Myers left, Richard Gordon right, who motions before the snap on a play that looks designed to draw an offsides, and what almost looks like a false start but is executed perfectly, draws the Pitt. defense offsides. Last year at this time we were discussing the rookie mistakes that cost Hue scores; good to be talking about this rookie coach making a heads up play against one of the best defensive coordinators and HCs in the league.

1st and goal. 12 personnel, both Gordon and Myers are lined up left side, McFadden the single back deep, Palmer under center, Denarius Moore wide right, DHB in the slot right. McFadden fakes right, Heyward-Bey runs a little down and out rub route and Moore provides a nice pick allowing DHB to beat his man in the corner of the end zone and bring in the looper from Palmer. These tight ends were in on every key play in the half, including the scores.

Catch the wrap-up of second half scoring drives soon to follow. If anyone has been on the fence about purchasing the NFL rewind package from, buy it if you are a film geek like myself. You will not be disappointed. Broadcast, condensed, and coaches film available with special buys to get prior years.