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S&BP Pick 6 Week 3 Leaderboard: Are you ready for week 4?

And we're back with this week's Pick 6 rankings for Silver & Black Pride readers. If you are among the top ten from this week listed above, congrats on your fantasy prowess. As you can see, I joined the fun this week as well.

For any of you who have yet to play the SB Nation Pick 6 fantasy game, you should give it a try. It's a weekly game which tests your knowledge and prediction skills using a weekly salary cap. It's not an overall head-to-head style of fantasy football so you can jump in any time.

The Silver & Black Pride contingency gained a few players this week. SUGMG4 from the Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation took the top spot in week two overall leaderboard with a score of 112.4 points. You can see that RaydrsNapoleon was the top scorer among S&BP readers with a score of 94 and ranked #94 on the overall leaderboard. Lucky 94 I guess.

There were actually no returning members of the top ten from last week so as you can see, each week the top ten is up for grabs.

Even if you haven't taken part in Pick 6 yet, you can still sign up for Week 4. New games start each week, and you have until the Thursday night game to sign up for Week 4.

To sign up for Pick 6, Click Here