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S&BP predicts week 4 NFL matchups

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Last week was a real doozy wasn't it? And our predictions took a huge hit because of it. Felt like it was backwards day or something. The Silver & Black Pride staff were wrong across the board on several games last week. We all thought the Saints, 49ers, Colts, and Lions were going to win and they all did not.

Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

We also all had the Packers as a win and we were all correct in the confines of reality. But the replacement refs apparently do not conform to reality and therefore we were all apparently wrong.

Those of us who had the lone correct game winner include Saint with the Bengals over the Redskins, myself with the Cardinals over the Eagles, and RaiderWay whose unbridaled homerism had him as the only one picking the Raiders to beat the Steelers.

Those picks had Saint and RaiderWay as the only staff members whose picks were at .500. All others got more wrong than right with myself and Rhynno the closest at 7-9. The real disaster picks came from Adam who was a dismal 4-12.

Our picks this week have to set some kind of record for uniformity. We all have the Ravens, Falcons, 49ers, Texans, Cardinals, Packers, Giants, and Cowboys as winning across the board.

Things are split on the Raiders and Broncos game. That is as it should be. That is a very tough game to predict. And of course, RaiderWay does things the Raider way and predicts a winner for the Raiders for the fourth straight week.

Saint RaiderWay Levi Rhynno Rdreamer S.O.B. Adam
Week 3 total 8-8 8-8 7-9 7-9 6-10 6-10 4-12
Overall total 28-20 25-23 25-23 24-24 22-26 22-26 21-27
Cleveland at Baltimore (Thurs) BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
Carolina at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
New England at Buffalo BUF NE NE NE NE NE BUF
Minnesota at Detroit MIN DET DET MIN DET MIN MIN
San Diego at Kansas City KC KC SD KC SD KC KC
Seattle at St. Louis STL SEA SEA SEA SEA STL SEA
San Francisco at NY Jets SF SF SF SF SF SF SF
Tennessee at Houston HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU
Cincinnati at Jacksonville CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN JAX CIN
New Orleans at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB GB
Washington at Tampa Bay TB TB WAS WAS WAS TB WAS
NY Giants at Philadelphia NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG
Chicago at Dallas (Mon) DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL