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Ice Cube, Gene Simmons to perform Raiders pregame Monday Night opener

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The Raiders are continuing their recent incentive for fans to arrive early to games this seasons. There are contests and giveaways to fans who arrive at least an hour before kickoff. And on Monday, everyone in attendance wins.

All fans in attendance an hour before kickoff at coliseum Monday night will be treated to a performance by Ice Cube who will perform his Raiders anthem "Come and Get Some". It's the Pepsi NFL Anthem in which Ice Cube dubs himself "The President of the Raider Nation" as arguably the most famous diehard Raider fan.

In addition, Gene Simmons, of the legendary rock band KISS, will perform the National Anthem (not to be confused with the NFL Anthem.

The Raiders would like to remind fans that those entering the stadium at least an hour before kickoff will have the opportunity to win prizes such as field passes, locker room tours, memorabilia autographed by Hall of Famers, Raider Legends and current players, the latest in merchandise, Raider Image gift cards, and more.

Learn more about the "Early In And You May Win" program by visiting

Fans who enter the stadium early can also watch the first game of Monday night's doubleheader - the Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens - on the stadium video board and televisions throughout the stadium.