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Why Tim Brown deserves to be in Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013 were announced this morning and Raiders receiver Tim Brown was among them. We might be a little bias on this but the fact remains that Tim Brown is one of the most decorated and deserving players eligible for enshrinement.

Oakland Raiders receiver Tim Brown at the Pro Bowl
Oakland Raiders receiver Tim Brown at the Pro Bowl
Pro Football Hall of Fame

There just are not enough superlatives for me to describe the awesomeness that was Tim Brown's career in that number 81 jersey for the Raiders. I know I am not alone in considering myself incredibly lucky to have been able to watch the great Tim Brown play the game of football.

Tim Brown is not just an all-time great Raiders player though, he is an all-time great NFL player in general. When you are looking at receiving statistics no matter which one you choose you will inevitably find Brown on the list. He finished his career with a whopping 1094 receptions 14,934 yards with exactly 100 receiving TD's.

Besides the amazing receiving stats that he put up he was also a very strong return man. He did everything for the Raiders and created a legacy here that will probably never be duplicated. That is exactly what the Hall of Fame is suppose to be about, legacy. That legacy that Brown left with the Raiders is one more powerful than almost any other player could have dreamed of leaving.

When you look back at Tim Brown's career its not just about the way that he played the game. It is also about the way he always handled himself with class and always gave 100% effort. He is a player that even if you were too young to remember most things, you still remembered Tim Brown with his fingers all taped up making grab after grab.

He is the exact essence of what is suppose to be honored by the Hall and yet he has not gotten the respect he deserves. Its hard not to believe that if he had been on the 49ers or Cowboys that he would be in. If its just about the rings then what is this world really coming to? Have our memories really been skewed to the point where we can no longer recognize true greatness if it doesn't also come with a diamond ring and a trophy?

Tim Brown may not have ever gotten a Super Bowl victory but that does not mean he doesn't belong in the Canton. He is the epitome of what belongs in Canton in every other way. He has the numbers, he has the class, and most of all he has the mystique. What more could you possibly want to deem him worthy and how much longer should Mr. Raider have to wait to be recognized as one of the best to ever play as he rightfully should be.

It was a sad day when he wasn't elected as a first time ballot HOFamer with numbers like that and it was even more sad when he was passed over yet again. This travesty can not continue, just as it can not continue for Chris Carter either.

They should not be punished for how many WR's were elected before them and they should be recognized as the best to ever play their position. They are considered two of the top three WR's to ever play the game and them not being inducted as of yet is just plain wrong.

There are some other really amazing names on this year's ballot and that is seriously decreasing the chances that the hall with rectify their wrong doings by electing both Tim Brown and Chris Carter. If it is only going to be one or the other this year I would bet that Chris Carter will end up being the WR voted in. After all, he didn't play in the Silver and Black.