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Raiders top playoff OC candidates could come from Green Bay

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The Raiders have yet to name an offensive coordinator to replace the departed Greg Knapp. That could be because they have their eye on a coach who is still in the playoffs. The top offenses in currently still in the playoffs are the Patriots, Broncos, Packers, Falcons, and Texans. But it's the Packers who have the most intriguing candidates.

Donald Miralle

When going over through the coaching staffs on each team for the best offensive coordinator candidates, a stunning realization occurs-They're all Packers. So, criticize Reggie McKenzie all you want about plucking talent from Green Bay but if he were to do it this time, you can't blame him. The best options still on playoff teams appear to all be Packers.

If this were true, it would also mean naming an offensive coordinator would wait until the Packers are no longer in the playoffs. They defeated the Vikings last week and play the 49ers in this weekend's division round.

Here are those offensive coordinator candidates in order of possible interest:

Ben McAdoo, QB coach, Packers

McAdoo was promoted to his current post as quarterbacks coach last season after Tom Clements was promoted to offensive coordinator. It makes him an up and coming coach in the NFL ranks just as Dennis Allen was before last season. McAdoo spent the previous six seasons as tight ends coach in Green Bay. Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy hired McAdoo as an assistant offensive line/quality control coach while he was the 49ers' offensive coordinator and brought McAdoo along with him to New Orleans and later Green Bay. So, you could say he liked him.

Raiders connections: McAdoo spent six seasons as tight ends coach in Green Bay while Reggie McKenzie was an executive there. Was assistant offensive line/quality control coach in San Francisco in 2005 which was Jason Tarver's first season as outside linebackers coach there.

James Campen, Oline coach, Packers

A former NFL center for the Saints and Packers, Campen moved on to coaching. He has been with the Packers since 2004 and has been their offensive line coach since 2007. In his first season as the offensive line coach, the Packers offense went from being ranked 22nd to 4thin points and 2nd in yards and has been top five in all but one season (when they were ranked 10th) since then. Many people will point to Aaron Rodgers being the most sacked quarterback in the NFL as a detractor. But if you watch the games, that is more a factor of Rodgers than the offensive line. He has time to sit in the pocket and prefers to take a sack than make an ill advised throw. It has paid off. The Packers have also had a great deal of success running the ball in the zone blocking scheme with several low drafted or undrafted players such as Ryan Grant (undrafted), James Starks (Round 6) and Alex Green (Round 3). Dennis Allen says he is not married to any scheme but that doesn't mean he won't flirt with the ZBS again. We know he likes it.

Raiders connections: Originally from Sacramento. Born and raised in Northern California. Was on Packers staff eight years while Reggie McKenzie was an executive there.

Jerry Fontenot, TE coach, Packers

Like Campen, was a former NFL center who moved into coaching. Those centers are smart guys. Before entering the NFL, he had played every single position on the offensive line in college at Texas A&M. He spent 16 years in the league with the Bears, Saints, and Bengals, retiring in 2004. He joined the Packers as a coaching intern in 2006, was named assistant offensive line coach in 2007, then running back coach in 2011 before being named tight ends coach last season.

Raiders connections: Attended Texas A&M and graduated just a couple seasons before Dennis Allen arrived as a player for the Aggies. Dennis Allen's father, Grady, also played at Texas A&M and is a member of the Texas A&M Hall of Fame. Fontenot spent six seasons with Reggie McKenzie in Green Bay.

One interesting name not on the Packers:

Pat Hill, Oline coach, Falcons

Yes, THAT Pat Hill. The former head coach of the Fresno State Bulldogs. He was head coach at Fresno State for 15 seasons from 1997-2011. During that time he led the Bulldogs to 11 bowl game appearances while developing many NFL players including Trent Dilfer, former number one overall pick, David Carr, current Patriots guard Logan Mankins, and Chargers current starting running back, Ryan Mathews.

Raiders connections: Los Angeles California native, went to high school in Lake Arrowhead California. Has spent 24 of his 38 years in coaching in California.