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First Raiders coaching interview report surfaces

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Since the Raiders fired offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp, along with three other assistant coaches, all's been quiet on the Oakland front. Now the first report of actual interviews has surfaced.

Jonathan Daniel

There are a lot of great coordinator candidates on the market right now and the Raiders have reached back to a familiar offensive guru - Mike Martz. This according to the San Jose Mercury news who cites a source close to the situation.

Martz was best known for his "Best Show on Turf" high-flying offense in St Louis where he was the offensive coordinator and later became head coach. Martz was head coach of the Rams for six seasons from 2000-05. He then moved on to be the offensive coordinator for the Lions (06-07), 49ers (08), and was last the offensive coordinator for the Bears (10-11).

Along with the Martz interview, the report said the Raiders also interviewed Eagles former defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, for the vacant offensive line coach. The Raiders had also fired Frank Pollack after one season in the position.

Castillo was the Eagles offensive line coach for 13 seasons before Andy Reid made a controversial move and made Castillo the team's defensive coordinator. The decision was a huge failure and Castillo was fired a few weeks into last season. Reid was fired at the end of this season as well and has been hired as the Chiefs new head coach.

Both interviews go against the idea that Dennis Allen is adverse to hiring assistants with a lot of experience. Both coaches are very experienced with the area in which they would be coaching and have had a great deal of success as well.

There will likely be more interviews before a decision is made but it is nice to finally hear of movement on that front. Outside of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, the team also has vacancies at special teams coach and linebackers coach.