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Seahawks uncover review rules issue by mishandling game clock

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The Seahawks at Falcons playoffs match-up today revealed a possible review issue that should be looked at by the NFL's Competition Committee this off-season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the first half of the Atlanta vs Seattle game the Seahawks failed to get a final play off before the clock struck 0. There is no controversy because the clock clearly ran out before the snap, but it could have been quite the problem had the refs been wrong.

The ruling on the field in that instance could not be challenged so even if they had been wrong there would have been no way to fix it. That would have been quite controversial to have mistakenly stopped the half before the final play and is certainly a possible mistake to see one day.

Instead of waiting for the day to come for the refs to make that mistake the NFL should take a look at the issue preemptively. The final second on the game clock of each half should be able to be reviewed if the ref calls the half over before the snap or if there is video evidence showing the clock was at 0 before the final snap.

The obvious argument against this is where would it end then? Why not review the play clock too? The play clock isn't feasible to allow reviews on because it would happen so often that it would slow the game down too much, and it would be considered as reviewing a penalty.

That shouldn't stop them from looking at reviewing the final second of a half. It should be introduced as a special circumstance rule. The NFL should look at this in the off-season and fix it before it does effect a game negatively.