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Job climber Hue Jackson poised to strike again

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Former Raiders head coach Hue Jackson already is finding himself in line to move up the coaching ranks. Find out what teams are interested in his services right here.

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There should be no surprise that teams are already interested in giving Hue Jackson control of their offenses. He had a very exciting season here in Oakland before it dissolved very quickly and he became a victim of inevitable changes in the franchise.

After his unceremonious dumping as the Raiders head coach Hue found a job waiting for him in his former stomping grounds of Cincinnati. With the current offensive coordinator of the Bengals Jay Gruden (brother of Jon) being a highly touted head coaching candidate it leaves Jackson in line to inherit Cincinnati's OC duties.

Jackson was never known as a man to stay still and his aggressive job climbing nature has already kicked back into full gear. Not wanting to count on Gruden leaving and inheriting the Bengals OC job Hue took the opportunity to interview for the Carolina Panthers currently vacant offensive coordinator job. He is also reportedly drawing interest from the NY Jets who fired their OC Tony Sparano this off-season while keeping Rex Ryan as head coach.

The idea of pairing Hue Jackson's offense with Cam Newton is very intriguing. Hue absolutely could create a fun and aggressive offense with Cam, although his lack of discipline might not be best for the Panthers already temperamental star. The idea of adding Hue's aggressive, cocky nature with that of fellow cohort Rex Ryan in New York is an awfully intriguing combo as well.

Jackson was a victim of circumstance in Oakland more than most coach firings after leading the Raiders to an 8-8 season in 2011. Al Davis died and thrusted the Raiders into turmoil which resulted in the hiring of Reggie McKenzie. With the new GM often comes a change at head coach and thusly Hue Jackson was removed from his position.

That's not to say Hue did not have performance issues as well in Oakland with his utter failings in the last few weeks of the season. He then followed the season's collapse with an end of year speech that seemed to have him claim powers that the new GM had no interest in allowing him.

Hue also greatly mishandled Rolando McClain with not disciplining him enough after his alleged altercation in Alabama. Immediately following his lack of discipline with McClain the team began to fall apart and missed the playoffs after they seemed so likely just weeks earlier. All of that along with an apparent lack of respect for new owner Mark Davis sealed Hue's fate.

Jackson won over many fans in Oakland and to this day can be a fairly controversial issue amongst Raider Nation. There is little doubt that he will one day takeover an NFL team as a head coach again and it appears his first step closer could happen soon. He certainly is an interesting option for any team looking for some aggressiveness in their offense.

I hope that any team that hires him as an OC knows that they are only renting his services as he will always be looking to move up the ranks. I am not saying that is a bad thing for Hue because of course he should want to lead his own team but it is something any team looking at him should consider.

If a team is looking for a long term answer at OC they might want to look in another spot. Hue Jackson certainly doesn't plan on being a pawn in somebody else's chess game for very long. Whether a team cares about that is yet to be seen but it certainly appears likely that Action Jackson's aggressive offense will be seen on a football field near you sooner rather than later.