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Marc Trestman Bears head coach after all

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According to sources close to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Marc Trestman will become the next head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Montreal Alouettes head coach, Marc Trestman
Montreal Alouettes head coach, Marc Trestman
Christinne Muschi Reuters, REUTERS

A little over a week ago, former head coach and current NFL analyst, Jimmy Johnson, tweeted that the Marc Trestman was to be the next head coach of the Bears. It seemed odd that Johnson was breaking news about such things but it had to be taken with some amount of seriousness. The tweet prompted some inquiries with Trestman himself who essentially said it was news to him as well.

There was immediately reports Trestman was interviewing with the Raiders for their vacant offensive coordinator position. This thrust Trestman immediately as the favorite for the job based solely on his outstanding resume.

He was the offensive coordinator who helped take the Raiders to the Super Bowl back in 2002 and Rich Gannon win a league MVP that same season. After the Raiders coaching staff fell apart the following season under Bill Callahan and the entire staff was fired, Trestman couldn't seem to get his footing back in the NFL so he eventually headed to North to the Canadian Football League to become head coach of the Montreal Allouettes.

All he did there was become coach of the year his first season and then lead his team to two straight Grey Cup Championships. His accomplishments have finally caught the eye of the higher ups in the NFL who invited him to come back over the border and join their elite fraternity -- this time as a head coach.

The Raiders had plenty of chances to bring Trestman back over the years. They could have made him offensive coordinator in 2009 after his first Grey Cup Championship but allowed Tom Cable to call the plays instead. They could have hired him again in 2010 but opted to hire Hue Jackson. Jackson was a great hire as offensive coordinator. Things didn't turn sour until he became head coach.

While this news means the Raiders lose one of their top offensive coordinator candidates, the Bears gain a brilliant offensive mind. Some have even said too brilliant. Trestman has been accused of overcooking the scheme and confusing his players. However, I do have some difficulty believing a coach with too complicated a scheme could have such success in the CFL.

Perhaps that's why he is ready. Perhaps his experiences have taught him to simplify things for his players. And if it were only his schemes that had changed people's minds, he might still be an offensive coordinator candidate. He is past that now. And perhaps if he doesn't succeed as a head coach, we might see him on the market again in the future. At which point, you can bet he will be on the Raiders radar once again.