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Oakland Raiders backup QB could be a target for Eagles new coach Chip Kelly

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The Oakland Raiders new regime has not looked very committed to Terrelle Pryor and are likely willing to consider trade offers.


The Oakland Raiders are in need of upgrades across their entire roster. As John Madden said, the Raiders were playing with an empty cupboard in 2012. As a result, there has been a lot of talk about the Raiders attempting to collect draft picks this off-season due to having traded away their second and fifth picks for the upcoming draft.

Most of that talk has surrounded trading back in the first round in order to get more picks. Now, however, an unexpected turn of events has opened the door to a previously unexpected option for the Raiders. With Chip Kelly being announced as the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, there has been a lot of talk about how Kelly will change the roster in order to fit his style.

Having Michael Vick at QB seems like it would be the perfect fit for Kelly, but Vick is getting older and has lost a step in terms of speed. As a result, there has been speculation as to where the next Eagles QB would come from, and the Oakland Raiders' back up Terrelle Pryor has been mentioned as one of the guys that Kelly might go after.

When Pryor was in high school, Kelly recruited him, trying hard to get the former Ohio State Buckeye to play for him in Oregon. On top of that, Pryor had a fairly impressive start to end the 2012 season that opened a lot of eyes to the potential for Pryor to be a starting caliber QB in the NFL.

If the Eagles are willing to give the Raiders good value for Pryor, do not be surprised if the eddy back up is traded for draft picks this off season.