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Then there were four: Raiders, Jaguars, Cardinals, Eagles remain in OC search

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As I mentioned Thursday, with all the head coaches hired, the coordinator positions would fill quickly. And they have been filling at a breakneck pace Friday.

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The Raiders are now one of just four teams still without an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

The latest teams to name offensive coordinators are the Panthers, Jets, and Colts. Mike Shula was promoted to OC in Carolina, Marty Mornhinweg was hired in New York, and the Colts brought in Andrew Luck's college OC, Pep Hamilton.

The Jaguars were the final team to name a head coach which explains why they are still without an offensive coordinator. The Cardinals also recently named former Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians as their head coach and the Eagles also just hired Chip Kelly as their head man. The Raiders have no such excuse. Well, except for the recently popular idea that Al Saunders will take over the position which appears unlikely.

Chip Kelly is the offensive guru for the Eagles although he is expected to hire an OC. It is uncertain if the Cardinals will even hire an offensive coordinator with Arians as head coach. If he were to go without an OC, it would be between the Jags and Raiders for the remaining potential coordinators to fight over should they choose to do so.

The big names still on the market are the recently fired head coaches Mike Mularkey, Chan Gailey, and Pat Shurmer. Mike Tice and Cam Cameron finish off the list of big name candidates. For Raiders purposes I toss in the three Green Bay candidates -- Bob McAdoo, James Campen, and Jerry Fontenot.

It's possible all three top candidates could fill these positions. But there is certainly more overall candidates than jobs remaining so the scramble will continue.

Reggie McKenzie said on Thursday that there is no timetable in place to fill the position but added that the search is winding down. At this point, it would kind of have to be winding down.

And let's not forget the Raiders still have to hire a special teams coordinator, offensive line coach, and linebackers coach as well. Fun, fun, fun.