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Raider Nation Divided: Fans split over new offensive coordinator hire

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Once Greg Knapp was fired I really hoped that this would be the moment that all sides of Raider Nation would rejoice in a proverbial Kumbaya moment. It did unite all sides for but a moment however the long lasting effect that I hoped it would cause is missing.

Jed Jacobsohn

Now a new Greg has entered the Nation -- new offensive coordinator, Greg Olson -- and already the division has restarted. The man hasn't spoken a word yet and there are already sides pleading to give him a chance and sides screaming bloody murder at his being hired.

Olson's qualifications for OC are questionable as it is. The Raiders and Dennis Allen aren't getting the benefit of the doubt either due to the previous horrid decision to hire his predecessor Greg Knapp. To overcome that mistrust this new hire had to have an unquestionably good resume and that's not the case.

Others feel as though the new Greg should be afforded the chance to earn our support before facing the revolt should he fail. He hasn't wronged the Raiders and we don't fully know yet what his plans are. For all we know, he could prove to be the perfect man for the job.

Times are tough for Raider Nation and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to point that out. The years of losing and then the regression of this past year has really taken a number on the Raider fan base and the once proud Raider Nation continues to find itself extremely divided.

There are times it feels like no matter what changes this team makes, there will be a strong divide amongst the fans. Most of this divide would be cured simply by winning.

When the stresses of losing have become too much it creates a vacuum of contempt. At some point each one of us needs to step back and try to understand the position of the other side.

On one side you have people that have a clear reason for their mistrust of the current staff's decision making ability. At a sensitive time where it felt like the Raiders were getting better the Raiders regressed and the biggest reason was an unimaginative play caller at OC. Now we all are suppose to believe that suddenly this staff knows who should be hired and now with Olsen it's all going to be just fine. The sarcasm their was thick from the fans doubting the hire of Greg Olsen.

On the other hand maybe everything really is going to be just fine. The fans wanted a coach that wants a Power Blocking Scheme, in comes Olsen. The fans want a coach that believes in going deep, in comes Olsen.

The fans want a coach that believes in making an offense that fits the players and not one content with jamming square pegs into round holes. Again in comes Olsen who publicly stated he believes in making his offense fit the players instead of the other way around because of his former mistakes. The things that Raider Nation asked for are being brought in but because its not a coach that has been successful (under head coaches that failed) it is simply not good enough.

It could very well be a case of be careful what you wish for. Greg Olsen has the qualities said to be most coveted by many Raiders fans during this season of inKnappitude.

Whichever side is right we don't know yet and can't know yet. Should we spend the off-season bickering over the possibility of failure or should we spend it discussing what we must do to get better? Greg Olsen is now the offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders and I want to welcome he who is not Knapp with open arms.

One side or the other is going to be right about Olsen in the long run, but we can't know what side that will be yet. Which side would you prefer to be on? The side certain of failure or the side that believes the next offensive coordinator of the Raiders deserves a chance to be successful?